Consulting services using the Shingo Model™ & Valuable Advisor Model that have helped organizations of all sizes reliably grow their revenue.


Learn to be a high performance team leader from people like: Tier 1 Special Ops, Pro Athletes, FBI Hostage Negotiator, Private Equity CEO,  Entertainment CEO and our other experts.

Our OPEX & Continuous Improvement consulting is based on the Shingo Model™ that has made millions for companies like Boeing, Medtronic, AT&T and many more.

Learn the methodology to help your reps progress from"just a sales rep" to earning "Valuable Advisor" status with your clients.

Traditional cold calling continues to become less and less effective. Our alternative is a system that has landed our Sr. Advisors hundreds of clients, including multibillion dollar ones we have now. 

The Myelin System


The Myelin System works to improve sales, corporate leadership, and operations for mid to large sized companies. While lists, tricks, and tactics can be a good place to start - in the long run they are very ineffective in creating lasting positive change. Those methods often feel like a "cookie cutter" solution. Our system operates on the brain science behind getting ourselves to learn, do and master. This is then packaged in a catered program specific to your needs.

Our typical engagements look as follows:

  • In-depth onboarding to identify needs
  • Custom training modules based on those needs
  • Monthly in-person training
  • Weekly coaching sessions

This approach combined with meaningful repetitions, creates positive, long lasting results.

Only those who have done teach at Myelin 

Myelin's success starts with its world class trainers who come from years of experience in high-performing teams such as FBI, NFL and Military Special Forces. Often they have spent a career implementing the principles of becoming a leader and a valued advisor.

Our training system combines their experience with a curriculum that is centered on brain-science to develop lasting change for your organization. 

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