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Operational Excellence in a way that will make your employees love their work.

Myelin Advisors delivers assessments, seminars & consulting using the Shingo Model to companies with motivated individuals who are looking to improve the efficiency of their organization and become leaders everyone wants to work with.


Myelin is a Licensed Affiliate of the Shingo Institute home of the Shingo Prize and above is the Shingo Model © we teach and use. Click to enlarge.


Waste Robs Your Bottom Line

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It is rare for a company to operate at near perfect efficiency. These seemingly small inefficiencies can add up and end up costing your company in the long run.

Working with management and staff, we aim to help increase the efficiency of your operations and your companies profitability.

Our approach is to:

  1. Consolidate all the known inefficiencies

  2. Help identify other areas where improvements could be made.

  3. Provide recommendations in the form of a workable plan

  4. Work side-by-side with you to implement said plan and attain tangible results.

All this is done using the Shingo Model; a time tested process that has seen operational excellence success in virtually every industry.

If your company could benefit from streamlining its processes and eliminating waste, start by requesting a no-obligation consultation.

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Increase Quality




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Shingo is not just another Operational Excellence tool

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Operational Excellence leaders around the world invest substantial time and money on change initiatives that achieve positive results. Most often, they find it is hard to sustain momentum. Each new Lean tool becomes another possible solution or "best practice" only to create a temporary boost in results and a small taste of victory. It doesn’t take many such cycles for associates to feel jaded, frustrated and even burnt out.

The Shingo Model™ is not an additional Lean program or change initiative to implement. Rather, it introduces the 10 Shingo Guiding Principles on which to anchor your current initiatives. It fills the gaps in your efforts towards ideal results and enterprise excellence.


Start your Operational Excellence with an Introductory 2-Day Workshop

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Only Those Who Have Done, Teach at Myelin

Our Sr. Consultants don’t just regurgitate theories; they teach from years and decades of experience leading Operational Excellence teams at some of the worlds most accomplished organizations.

This means is that when your people have questions, their instructor can give them real-world examples that will resonate with them, help them understand and ultimately buy into your greater plans for excellence you have planned for them.

Richard Guba:

  • Engineer + Masters in Business & Operational Excellence

  • 41 yrs OPEX experience Ford & GE

  • Lead OPEX for 85 GE Aviation Plants + now Teaches Masters Program on OPEX at OSU

Steven Wolfe:

  • Engineer

  • 31 years operations in energy (Including Operational Excellence)

  • Grew his division from $150 million in operating assets to over $1 billion as VP at Talisman Energy.

Arron Vigil:

  • Operational Excellence: Congra Foods

  • Operational Excellence: Chiobabi

  • OPOperational Excellence: Georgia Pacific

Jess Larsen:

  • Mylein Founder & CEO

  • Private Equity Firm CEO

  • Shingo Certified Facilitator

Marley Lunt:

  • Operational Excellence for Utah State University

  • Shingo Publication Prize team member

  • OPEX for multi billion dollar programs at Boeing

Johnathan Kennedy:

  • OPEX $10 Billion Talisman Energy

  • OPEX Alberta Healthcare (4 million client system)

  • OPEX $25 Billion Pembina

BJ Larsen:

  • Operational Excellence: Medline

  • Operational Excellence: Qualtrics / SAP

  • Operational Excellence: Lucid Charts

The Shingo Prize is the Nobel Prize of Manufacturing
— - Business Week Magazine

Dr. Shigeo Shingo


Starting his career back in 1945, few individuals have contributed as much to the development of the ideas we call TQM, JIT and lean as did Dr. Shigeo Shingo. He worked extensively with Toyota executives, especially their CEO Mr. Taiichi Ohno, who helped him to apply his understanding of these concepts in the real world and he helped them shorten set-up times on large presses and dies from up to half a day each down to a few minutes.

Over his life he wrote 18 books including “A Study of the Toyota Production System” & “The Shingo System for Continuous Improvement”.

In 1988, the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University recognized Dr. Shingo for his lifetime accomplishments and created the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence that recognizes world-class, lean organizations and operational excellence.


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